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Bayan Lepas LRT

Most buildings along Magazine road are over 100 years. LRT station will create the visual impact on the heritage buildings.

Penang Government through it state agency PDC has looked into a holistic development of Komtar rail interchange cum Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Komtar is a people centric point in George Town thus the station and tracks will enhance Komtar’s prominence. The station design will take into consideration the value of heritage buildings. The Komtar station will be designed to have a façade that blends in with the surrounding existing heritage buildings.

Noise, vibration and dust impacts to the public during construction

Noise; Area sensitive to noise will be monitored before construction and throughout the construction duration to ensure noise levels generated are within DOE limits. If the limits will be exceeded, noise barriers will be installed. Vibration; machineries induce low level of vibration will be used and regular monitoring will be carried out to ensure compliance to DOE limits. Vibration sensor will be installed at critical places likes hospital, heritage buildings and electronic factories to measure the vibration level in accordance to DOE limits. Dust; Work procedures to follow the guideline given by DOE in dust control. All machineries to follow DOSH regulation. Water bowsers, road sweepers, wash bays will be provided at construction area.

The guarantee people could sleep as peacefully during the construction and operation

Construction will be carried out during normal hours. Some critical works that may obstruct traffic or pose safety hazard to public will be done outside of normal hours; this will be subject to approval from local authorities.

Does the project have its approval from the government, and why LRT not TRAM?

The Bayan Lepas LRT is in the final process of getting approval from the Federal Government tentatively before year end 2018. A range of suitable public transport mode has been considered to be introduced in PTMP. The state government has decided that the LRT system is the most suitable transport system to be used and LRT will be the “backbone” of the rail network for Penang Island. Multiple factors were taken into consideration before a transport system is selected which includes targeted travel demand, carrying capacity, performance for long route length, economic returns and social impact. The State government has chosen the LRT system instead of a tram system as it can reduce the associated costs related to utilities relocation and land acquisition. At-grade or street running trams will result in more numbers of building owners to be relocated, which will change the social structure of the community. As land is scarce in the Island, the LRT would be the most practical and cost-effective solution compared to other modes of transport.

LRT construction will create traffic congestion along the alignment especially at major roads?

During construction, Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will be implemented. The plan will involve diverting traffic to additional lanes, alternative routes and traffic control and protection. The plan also takes into account existing congestion areas and flood prone locations. Traffic management teams will be deployed to control and monitor traffic movement throughout the construction duration.

LRT construction will worsen flood prone area along the alignment such as Jalan Tengah, Snake Temple, Airport roundabout and Sungai Tiram area.

During construction, Traffic Management Plan (TMP) will be implemented. The plan will involve diverting traffic to additional lanes, alternative routes and traffic control and protection. The plan also takes into account existing congestion areas and flood prone locations. Traffic management teams will be deployed to control and monitor traffic movement throughout the construction duration.

How the public will get informed on the traffic scheme during the LRT construction. Where to complaint about the project

Public will be informed in advanced through newspaper, PTMP official website, pamphlets, radio announcement, respective ADUN office and public notices which will be placed at mosques and community centers.. Any public complaint can be channel through project hotline, official project website or by walking in to the project office. The hotline and official website will be established and announced once the project has started.

What is the most convenient way for users located out of 3km radius which has no feeder bus service available to use the transport system

User is encouraged to use Park and Ride (P&R) facility where user can park their vehicle at the nearest P&R facility and ride the LRT to their destination. There are 5 stations along the alignment that provide the P&R facilities with sufficient number of parking space.

Will the LRT alignment affect the Penang International Airport’s expansion?

The LRT alignment will be integrated with the future Penang’s International Airport expansion plan. Among the facilities to be expanded in the Airport expansion may include the main terminal, training centre, multi-storey car park and the new LCCT

When will the construction begin and when it start will operation?

The construction of Bayan Lepas LRT is targeted to commence in Q3, 2020 and the operation is targeted to start in Q4 2026.

Is there any chance for local to participate in the project?

Local can participate in the project in many ways such as contractors, suppliers, service providers, and there will be a lot of vacancies to be offered to locals both during construction and during operation.

Proposed LRT alignment will traverse through many schools. How about safety of children and parent during the construction?

LRT project will not compromise with the safety issues related to the public. Discussion with school will be conducted and dedicated TMP will be implemented for each school to ensure all the construction activities will comply to the safety procedures. Proper hoarding will be erected to prevent children/student from encroaching into the work areas. Machineries movement will be properly controlled especially during drop off and pick up times. The school existing entrances will not be blocked and the movement of students will not be disrupted by any construction activities, walkways and pedestrian crossings will be maintained.

Partially alignment of LRT Is encroaching the bicycle track at some spots. Is the bicycle track is safe for the riders during the construction?

Access to bicycle track will be maintained during the construction period. Several bicycle track stretches along Lim Chong Eu Highway have been identified will be affected by the construction of LRT structures. These sections will be realigned prior to the construction work with proper concrete barricade to ensure safety to the cyclists.

There will be social issues with the large influx of foreign labour.

All the construction workers will be placed in the, Centralised Labour Quarters (CLQ). There are 5 CLQs that will be built to accommodate the foreign workers. The CLQs will have living amenities and facilities including the perimeter fence. Labour will not allowed to linger outside the compound.

Is it safe to travel under the structure which still under construction?

All temporary works will have to comply to design standard and safety regulations as per DOSH requirement. Works will only be carried out upon receiving approval from local Authority and DOSH. All temporary works will be inspected by independent parties. During construction, the work parameter will be covered and secured using combination method such as by placing industrial netting underneath the viaduct segments, and by installing edge protection and rigid barrier on top of viaduct segments to provide a safe travelling condition for the passerby. A comprehensive traffic management plan will be put in place to ensure efficient movement of traffic. Continuous traffic monitoring will ensure that there is no traffic risk to the public at near vicinity.