Feb 2019

21-Feb-19   Construction of Ayer Itam-LCE Expressway bypass to start on Aug 31 - Penang CM   Bernama
21-Feb-19   Pembinaan jalan pintas Lebuh Raya Air Itam-Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu bermula 31 Ogos - Chow   Bernama
21-Feb-19   Our responsibility is to ensure Penang continues to shine, CM Chow tells Rehda Penang   Buletin Mutiara
21-Feb-19   Construction of Ayer Itam-LCE Expressway bypass to start on Aug 31 — Penang CM   The Edge
21-Feb-19   Move to ensure EIA is objective   Star
20-Feb-19   Penang CM confident RM46 bil transport master plan will get green light by June   Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
20-Feb-19   Penang expects approval for transport plan by June   malaymail
20-Feb-19   Chief Minister says majority of Penang folk are for PIL 1   Star
19-Feb-19   Penang chasing April nod for three-island reclamation project   Malaymail
19-Feb-19   Penang island reclamation plan to be presented in April   Malaysiakini
19-Feb-19   Penang to put projects through NZ-like ‘welfare test’   Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
19-Feb-19   Penang hopes to table reclamation project to NPPC in April   NST
19-Feb-19   Jagdeep: Penang South Reclamation project to be presented in April – report
  The Edge
19-Feb-19   PSR will be presented at MPFN in April   China Press
19-Feb-19   PSR will be presented at MPFN in April   Nanyang Siang Pau
19-Feb-19   PSR will be presented at MPFN in April   Oriental Daily
19-Feb-19   PSR will be presented at MPFN in April   Kwong Wah Press
13-Feb-19   Public being misled over Penang tunnel and highway projects   Malaysiakini
13-Feb-19   Penang CM refutes claim that Pan Island Link highway cost has escalated   The Edge
13-Feb-19   Silent majority wants PIL 1, loud minority doesn’t, says Penang CM   Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
13-Feb-19   Najib wrong about PIL 1 highway, says Penang CM   TMI
13-Feb-19   Najib salah faham tentang PIL1, kata Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang   TMI
13-Feb-19   Tiada tanah tambak dijual, kata KM Pulau Pinang   TMI
13-Feb-19   Najib wrong about PIL 1 highway, says Penang CM   Kwong Wah Press
13-Feb-19   Najib wrong about PIL 1 highway, says Penang CM   Sin Chew Daily
13-Feb-19   Najib wrong about PIL 1 highway, says Penang CM   Guang Ming Daily
13-Feb-19   Najib wrong about PIL 1 highway, says Penang CM   China Press

Jan 2019

24-Jan-19   Experiencing life as a rural Penangite   The Malaysia Insight(TMI)
23-Jan-19   Penang is already implementing many initiatives to improve mobility   Free Malaysia Today(FMT)
22-Jan-19   Don't simply follow others (by Eileen)   Oriental Daily
17-Jan-19   BRT expert sweet-talking Penang into installing bus system?   Malaysiakini
09-Jan-19   ART suggestion lacks proven track record — Joshua Woo   Malaymail
08-Jan-19   Pockets of opportunities in Malaysia property sector in 2019, says Knight Frank   The Edge
07-Jan-19   Projek pembangunan mega Pulau Pinang bermula    The Malaysia Insight(TMI)
07-Jan-19   What will happen to our island, Penang folk ask as mega-projects kick off   The Malaysia Insight(TMI)
05-Jan-19   LRT is Penang’s best bet   The Malaysia Insight(TMI)
04-Jan-19   Transforming Batu Maung   The Star
Jan-19    Governing with a Vision: Part Three   Penang Monthly
01-Jan-18    Dreaming big for a better Penang   Malaysiakini



August  2018

20-Aug-18   Review PTMP for transparency’s sake   The Star Online
20-Aug-18   Fun way to learn about LRT   The Star Online
18-Aug-18   PTMP dan ekonomi fokus utama   Sinar Harian (Utara)
14-Aug-18   Do you want the red or blue PIL?   The Star Online
14-Aug-18   Tram system not practical not practical   The Star Online
14-Aug-18   Move out of Penang island to ease pollution and congestion?   The Sun Daily
13-Aug-18   PTMP is designed to improve public transport and to build better road network, CM Chow said   Facebook
13-Aug-18   Chow: Don’t expect Penangites to only use public transport   Free Malaysia Today
13-Aug-18   No to PORR but yes for PIL 1?   The Sun Daily
11-Aug-18   ‘Govt has final say on PTMP’   The Star Online
11-Aug-18   Penang needs to focus on human capital development   The Sun Daily
10-Aug-18   Chow: Big difference between PIL 1 and ECRL
  The Star Online
10-Aug-18   Chow sets record straight on PORR   New Straits Times
10-Aug-18   Penang CM defends need for PIL 1   New Straits Times
9-Aug-18   Don’t compare an apple with an orange, Penang CM tells Najib   Free Malaysia Today
9-Aug-18   Kerajaan PP diminta pertimbangkan pandangan NGO   Berita Harian
9-Aug-18   Consider all views and criticisms concerning PTMP: PH Assemblyman   The Sun Daily
9-Aug-18   Ambil kira kritikan NGO pada pelan pengangkutan negeri'   Malaysia Kini
9-Aug-18   Penang waiting for tunnel project’s feasibility report   New Straits Times
9-Aug-18   Di peringkat akhir kajian   Sinar Harian
8-Aug-18   We welcome highway plan feedback   The Sun Daily
8-Aug-18   PIL1 masih di peringkat rekabentuk awal   Sinar Harian (Utara)
8-Aug-18   Chow 'to get more details' before answering Najib's claims on PIL 1's cost increase   New Straits Times
7-Aug-18   Reclaimed islands will boost Penang's economy and land bank says CM Chow
  The Star Online
7-Aug-18   Penang second bridge was realigned due to ‘political reasons’, CM reveals   Malay Mail Online
7-Aug-18   Highway alignment subject to changes, Penang CM says   Malay Mail Online
7-Aug-18   Sesi penerangan PIL I perlu diperhebat   Sinar Harian
7-Aug-18   Alignment of PIL 1 still in preliminary design stage: Penang CM   New Straits Times
6-Aug-18   Protest calls for PIL 1 to be scrapped   The Edge Property
6-Aug-18   Ayer Itam residents want PIL 1 project scrapped   The Star Online
6-Aug-18   Penduduk berhimpun di depan DUN bantah projek lebuh raya   Utusan Malaysia
6-Aug-18   Why Penang should commission an independent review of PTMP   Free Malaysia Today
6-Aug-18   Why an independent review of the SRS-proposed PTMP is needed   Malaysia Kini
6-Aug-18   Najib slams Pakatan's double standards on ‘expensive projects’   The Star Online
3-Aug-18   More than 200 houses to be impacted by Penang highway project   New Straits Times
3-Aug-18   There will be an impact when construction begins, says Penang CM   The Sun Daily
3-Aug-18   Temple fears highway, tunnel   The Star Online
3-Aug-18   Kek Lok Si Temple fears damage from PIL 1   The Edge Property
3-Aug-18   Why Penang’s expensive LRT plan must be reviewed   Free Malaysia Today
2-Aug-18   Poser over bid for mega projects   The Star Online
1-Aug-18   Why bulldoze through Penang undersea tunnel project?   Malaysia Kini
1-Aug-18   Ministry nod for request to hold Pan-Island Link town hall   The Star Online

July 2018

31-Jul-18   Town hall session for Penang highway project   The Edge Property
31-Jul-18   Sustainable public mobility is multidimensional   Malaysia Kini
30-Jul-18   Is the SRS Transport Masterplan another financial scandal?   Malaysia Kini
30-Jul-18   Was the Penang Transport Master Plan awarded with open tender?   Malaysia Kini
28-Jul-18   Roads a must in transport plan   The Star Online
27-Jul-18   CM: State welcomes open discourse but misinformation not encouraged   The Star Online
27-Jul-18   Be transparent over PIL 1 highway project, Penang govt told   New Straits Times
27-Jul-18   How new Penang Transport Master Plan deviates from the original   Free Malaysia Today
26-Jul-18   Penang govt exploring all avenues   The Star Online
26-Jul-18   Feasible transport master plan requires an efficient road network — Joshua Woo   Malay Mail Online
25-Jul-18   Penang Transport Masterplan RM1b loan proposal from SRS   The Edge Property
25-Jul-18   Penang mulls RM1 bil loan from Putrajaya to finance transport plan   Free Malaysia Today
24-Jul-18   NGO wants PM, CEP to intervene and review Penang transport masterplan   New Straits Times
23-Jul-18   Suspend Penang Transport Master Plan pending review, says CAP   Free Malaysia Today
22-Jul-18   Penang CM: BN strategy to cancel PTMP rejected by people   Malaysia Kini
22-Jul-18   Penang BN opposes state govt's reclamation plans, citing environmental concerns   The Sun Daily
22-Jul-18   New Penang highway: Impact on air quality, health not accurately reported   Free Malaysia Today
21-Jul-18   Highway project from Gurney Drive to airport a boost to property market   The Star Online
16-Jul-18   Mega plans awaiting agencies’ nod   The Star Online
14-Jul-18   Bridge over Penang City Park   The Star Online
13-Jul-18   Pan Island Link highway to cut travelling time   The Sun Daily
13-Jul-18   Penang may seek federal funding if reclamation project not approved   Free Malaysia Today
5-Jul-18   Revisit the Penang transport masterplan   Aliran
3-Jul-18   Penang’s transport masterplan that awaits answers   Free Malaysia Today

February 2018

18-Feb-18   A new way to tackle congestion   The Sun Daily
15-Feb-18   See-To cites three examples of Penang govt being 'consistently inconsistent'
  The Star Online
11-Feb-18   NGOs: Rail link better, not tunnel   The Star Online

January 2018

16-Jan-18   MCA: Penang govt missing the point   The Star Online
15-Jan-18   Explain the difference in cost, says Teng    NST
15-Jan-18   Guan Eng: Fashion company is merely an investor
  The Star Online
15-Jan-18   Remand extended for two high-ranking bosses in Penang tunnel probe
  The Star Online
15-Jan-18   MACC: More arrests expected in undersea tunnel project probe
  The Star Online
14-Jan-18   MACC probe shifts to bidding process   The Star Online
14-Jan-18   Wee: Why is a fashion firm an SPV shareholder?   The Star Online
14-Jan-18   Penang exco man breaks down costs for undersea tunnel, roads   Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
13-Jan-18   Gerakan Penang slams land deal linked to undersea tunnel project   The Sun Daily
12-Jan-18   No money paid for project, says Lim
  The Star
12-Jan-18   Undersea tunnel land swap deal fishy, says MACC
  The Star
12-Jan-18   12 spots raided in tunnel probe   The Star
11-Jan-18   ADUN akui kos kajian tidak munasabah   Berita Harian
11-Jan-18   Penang tunnel project: No plans to question Guan Eng, says MACC   Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
11-Jan-18   Penang tunnel project: MACC records statements from 10   FMT
11-Jan-18   Penang undersea tunnel project study overpriced by five times   The Sun Daily
10-Jan-18   Penang Undersea Tunnel Project Is On – Lim    Bernama
10-Jan-18   Penang Undersea Tunnel: Company Executive Director In Remand   Bernama
10-Jan-18   Ewein MD remanded by MACC   The Sun Daily
10-Jan-18   Penang undersea tunnel project: Probe to focus on RM305m fee   New Straits Times
10-Jan-18   Siasatan terowong dasar laut bukan bermotif politik   Sinar Harian
10-Jan-18   ‘It’s been 51 months, where’s the report?’    The Star Online
10-Jan-18   Two 'Datuks' to be remanded in Penang tunnel graft probe   The Star Online
10-Jan-18   Nelayan tolak pampasan projek tambak laut   Utusan Malaysia
7-Jan-18   Proses jual tanah diteliti - SPRM   Utusan Malaysia
6-Jan-18   We have new evidence of corruption, says PCM
  The Star