Bayan Lepas Line

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The proposed Bayan Lepas LRT line will be about 30 km in length with 27 stations running from KOMTAR to the future reclaimed islands in the south.

Besides passing through must-go-points at KOMTAR, Bayan Lepas FIZ and the Penang International Airport, the line will also serve established and planned residential townships and employment hubs in Jelutong, The Light, Gelugor, Batu Uban, SPICE in Bayan Baru, Sg Tiram and Batu Maung.

The proposed alignment of the Bayan Lepas LRT serves the heavier travel demand corridor in the eastern or Bayan Lepas belt – from KOMTAR all the way to the Penang International Airport. The LRT system is most suitable to cater for future increases in travel demand from:

  • Expansion of the Penang International Airport from 6.5 million passengers per annum to potentially 20 million passengers per annum;
  • Expansion of the Bayan Lepas industrial zone; and
  • The developments in the southern coast reclaimed islands.

The LRT is also recommended based on its superior performance with respect to its long-term practicality for the required long route length, ridership demand and better operational performance.

In terms of integration, the line will integrate with the Sky Cab line across the Malacca Straits at the Sky Cab Station, as well as with the George Town-Butterworth LRT line at The Light Station.

The rail line also integrates with other forms of public transport services such as the inter-city buses at the Sg Nibong Express Bus Terminal and commercial aviation at the Penang International Airport

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